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The Secret to Work-Life Balance 


75% of all us will die of an illness derived from stress.  Today, 50% of us have at least one diagnosis of a stress borne condition, 25% of us have 2. I was one of them. 

Further, the New England Journal of Medicine reported over 10 years ago that for the first time in the history of humans, this generation of children may not outlive their parents. 
Despite the appalling prognosis for our younger generation the problem lies with the older generation who impress on the younger generation that it is acceptable live their life with sub-optimal in health. 
I am on a mission to empower professionals and leaders in business to lead their life, at work and at home, from a position of optimal health.

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“I learned the hard way, after I turned 40, I couldn’t rely on my body to automatically mop up and repair collateral damage of high octane work and life. I had to design a lifestyle model so that I could continue to get what I wanted out of life”   
Ken Macleod

We are typically resilient to whatever life throws at us until we reach 40.

I enjoyed an international finance career at the pointy end of fixing up the banking crises of the time, and then in the venture capital community in Australia. Life outside of work was similarly high octane as an aerobatic pilot and pursuing adventures with helicopters in India and New Zealand.

But my health deteriorated in my 40s culminating in a collapse and  hospitalisation, and a declaration that I would uncover what was at the root of my ills.

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