But even if you haven’t yet dropped into the 50% bucket, you are more than likely not recovering optimally, and technically your body is breaking down as a result. This means, your stress is robbing you of energy that supports everything from emotional resilience, mental capacity, to immunity. And why you feel the ill effects as you do. The result is that for a very large proportion of your life, along with your most important asset, are underperforming to your potential…

To perform you need manage stress, and you need to manage it with a much wider perspective than you have been left to believe. Otherwise, why would the numbest be as they are?

Furthermore, any medication that you may be on, may or may nor help you manage the symptoms, but in reality unless you address the stress at its core, your stress will do what it is designed to do and that is continue to break you down until there is no more of you left. This is why despite advances in medicine 75% of us will die from a stress related condition.

The result is colossal global underperformance no matter which way you measure it, no matter what you are trying to achieve in life.

As the world we live in becomes even more inhospitable, one cannot imagine these statistics improving unless we change.

The department of “self care” does not fully extend to actively pursuing optimal strategies that serve to combat the forces that serve to undermine our performance,  particularly in our work, making it ever more difficult to perform to our potential.

The community of executives and business leaders are case in point, where the demands in many cases are at the polar end of reasonableness, where in some industries for example HBR reports 85% of finance executives experience the symptoms of burnout and conditions linked to it – depression, exhaustion, poor decision making, insomnia, stress, anxiety – as well as increased incidence in self medication.

When it comes to executive burnout, much attention focuses on mental health and associated mental stressors. Not unsurprisingly so, as we are employed for our brains and mental acumen.

But too little attention is placed on the overarching primitive stress response of the body and its interconnectivity to the brain and as a result impinges on our mental health. After all, the stress response has not evolved to distinguish a rampaging lion from an angry boss, nor from the toxic load associated with less than adequate nutrition,  movement or sleep.

In other words, more attention needs to be placed on the cascading stress load from multiple sources that impinges on our mental health and as a result how we perform in life.

The good news is that there is an alternative, and we can have it all… minus the Big Mac!

I am on a mission to help bring this message out into the open.

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