The OUTPerform Program

90 Day Transformation Program for Leaders in Business 

“Systematically move from exhaustion, stress and overwhelm, and access more focus, drive and get that sense of being unstoppable again”.

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Your 3 Phased Transformation begins here:

Lets make it happen together

This is a 12 week, unique 9 phased approach to uncovering the keys, unique to you, to eliminating stress, exhaustion and overwhelm, and finding extraordinary energy, focus and that illusive feeling being unbeatable again, so that you may rediscover your optimal potential. 

 – The program is designed to rapidly uncover the key areas in your unique life, and unique physiology, that provide opportunities for you to do more with what you have got
– The program focused on implementation and specifically habit forming in order that you can walk away from this program with a sustainable framework you can rely upon for the rest of your life.

  • Every week you will receive your project for that week and implementation tasks to execute and track.
  • Every two weeks, you’ll meet with Ken to map out the next phase of your transformation and seek bespoke help 
  • Every day you will have access to Ken via Q&A Forum for help and issues, if any, that arise.

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