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3 Biggest Mistakes Executives & Business Leaders Make that Keep them Stressed, Overwhelmed and Underperforming



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Mistake # 1

How opting for the wrong type of recovery activity significantly impacts your overall performance and how to make better choices


Mistake # 2

How the short term fix to get to get your energy back is actually making it worse in the long term, and what to do instead


Mistake # 3

How by “busting through” can significantly impair your recovery and ultimately your long term performance, and what to do instead  


Don’t Fall short of your full potential

About Ken

Ken’s presentations and programs, since 2009, have been helping executives and business leaders get more from what they have got from themselves and their businesses. 

In this latest of Ken’s trainings, he takes a deep dive into executive and leadership performance, and how to perform in a business environment that is moving much faster than the growth of executive personal bandwidth, the resiult often being stress and associated symptoms of underperformance.